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Market Intelligence

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Space Management

How do we add value to your brand through our strategies?

  • Strengthening the relationship with store managers and category buyers.
  • Creating and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of promotional campaigns.
  • Supporting your Sales team.
  • Visiting accounts to track the product position and identify new opportunities.
  • Reinforcing the relationship with final consumers classifying the best promotional strategies to increase the brand visibility.
  • Collecting data to support the marketing plan and sales projections.
  • Focusing on event opportunities and special occasions where to increase brand visibility.
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Branding and Retail

Do you want to see your products highlighted on the shelf?

Our team of brand strategist combines business, marketing, communication, and design thinking to develop meaningful and differentiated brands through a comprehensive branding strategy.

First, we highlight the product on the shelf using a special Point of Sales printed materials that are used to transmit to consumers the characteristic of the product and to catch their attention. The most common are Shelf Stoppers, Banners, Price Tags, Coupons and other Ads (Flayers, Window Graphics). Then we integrate event campaigns where we recreate stores themes to highlight even more the brand through In-Store tastings and other activities.

Our goal is to enhace your product visibility while driving sales at your Point of Sales.

Taking your products further

We are a Promotional Agency specialized in Experiential and In-Store services tailored for the food and beverage industry. We create, implement and execute marketing strategies to build brand awareness at the Point of Sale.