Product Compliance

An important step when launching your product into the US retail market is making sure that your product and company meet the specific requirements dictated by the Food and Drug Administration.

 If you are importing, you need to follow additional steps that involve registering the Food Facility and work with a US agent

We have successfully supported companies from different countries during the internalization process. We evaluate the different requirements that you need to comply with and make the steps easy to understand:

  • Are you importing food products to the US? We assist you with the FDA Facility Registration and other requirements.
  • Are your food products’ labels ready to be sold in the market? We evaluate your ingredients and labels and send you the proper report.
Business Growth

Market Intelligence

Business Growth

For many years we have been developing strong relationships with local businesses, distributors and retailers in order to understand the characteristics of what are the components that make  successful products and we translate this knowledge to our clients  for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining market opportunities

Market Intelligence are the new opportunities for our Clients

Marketing intelligence is necessary when developing your brand, launching a new product or simply during the planning and execution of the best marketing strategies.

MIP developed a methodology to collect important information in order to identify the growth potential of your brand analyzing:

  • The market size of your category
  • Pricing and conditions
  • Product evaluation
  • Pricing structure
  • Basis to compete
  • Effective promotions
  • and more

Space Management/Merchandising

We provide sales support and merchandising coverage for an assigned retail territory. The Merchandiser is responsible for representing our Clients through store coverage and executing activities to maximize sales


Our Space Management Service includes:

  • Brands evaluation: Map the brand position in the market on key accounts
    Deliverable: Measurable diagnosis and report of the brand position and identification of new opportunities
  • Planogram Creation: Describes which aisle and on what shelf a product is located. A planogram should also illustrate how many facings are allocated for each SKU in order to standarize the visibility across your Poin of Sales
  • Planogram documentation: Ensure the brand planogram is properly set, working according to projection and fully documented and available for the merchandising team
  • Planogram Maintenance: Ensure your new planogram is properly set, full, labeled, and signed
Business Growth

In-Store Events and Promotions

Business Growth

Our team of brand strategist combines business, marketing, communication, and design thinking to develop meaningful and differentiated brands. MIP team has been working with supermarkets in South Florida, to develop events and promotions that translate into sales and brand awareness. Furthermore, we have available POP materials (Shelf Talkers, Stoppers, Stickers and decorations) that we been appointed by Stores Managers as a successful way of communicating with consumers.

Our process starts setting goals with the marketing and sales team to create a series of tastings and promotions that boost the brand visibility and increase sales.  Then, we translate the goals into useful metrics that allow us to track the effectiveness of the campaigns. For us, it is very important that our team understands effectively your brand and how to communicate with your target audience (designers, merchandisers and brand ambassadors) for this reason we elaborate an execution guide for every brand that we work with.